Teignbridge Propellers International has partnered with South Devon College in the UK to give their engineering department a new task to print 3D face shields, giving back to the community and key workers.

With innovation at the core of Teignbridge, it comes as no surprise that the dedicated company would turn to help their community with their technological equipment, namely their 3D printers. At the heart of the operation is Jack Ellis, the 27 year old engineer who noticed South Devon College, UK was printing face shields and was eager to get Teignbridge involved with donating. After the initial contact, it took less than 24 hours to begin printing these essential, life-saving shields. In partnership with South Devon College, UK, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, various care homes, health centres and funeral directors, Teignbridge plans on printing 120+ frames a week with their BigRep and Creality Ender3 3D printers running non-stop.

Utilising strict social distancing requirements, Ellis has explained that it takes 45 minutes per upper frame using the BigRep printer and the lower mask frames are being printed on the Creality Ender3, which will turn out eight lower frames every four hours. Ellis has stated he will not stop printing them until Teignbridge’s services are no longer needed. Using PLA material, these frames are essential in providing protection from infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose and mouth’s of our essential workers during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Many of the staff at Teignbridge have family and friends who are on the frontline battling COVID-19, and with increased demands for PPE (personal protective equipment), it is paramount that face shields are not only produced to save lives of those working with the infected, but to be produced quickly and efficiently. Teignbridge and South Devon College are using every resource available to ensure the safety of the community to effectively fight COVID-19.

By using 3D printing technologies, it is giving everyone the opportunity to assist in this crisis. If you are eager to get involved, South Devon College Hi Tech & Digital Team has released their impressive 3D print file, which they have adapted from an original open source file.