During one week in early April, Metalock Brasil carried out  simultaneous repairs on three vessels in three different countries in South and Central America.

On an oil tanker, moored in Cristóbal, Panama, a Metalock cold stitching technician inspected an auxiliary engine to prepare for the subsequent metal stitching of the engine block.

On a passenger vessel moored in Uruguay, a Metalock Brasil team in-situ machined the intermediate propulsion shaft in the region of the bearing seat. Following the machining, the Metalock Brasil technicians adjusted the bearings ready for final assembly.

On a container vessel, moored in Colombia, a further in-situ machining team attended to complete the rectifying an auxiliary engine crankpin, that had first started in Brazil.

This is a true example of Metalock Brasil’s versatility to meet its customers’ demands, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.