“Scandlines continues to operate, according to schedule, on its two routes between Germany and Denmark,” says Anette Ustrup Svendsen, Head of Corporate Communications at Scandlines. “The BorderShops in Puttgarden and Rostock are closed until further notice, but Easymarked in Rostock, which many lorry drivers frequent, is open every day.”

Temporary entry restrictions for persons wishing to enter Germany and Denmark have been implemented. On March 12, Denmark closed its border to Germany, and on March 16, Germany closed its border to Denmark. “However, both countries agree that activities crucial to society must not be ground to a halt,” she told SeaFirst.

“The entry restrictions are carried out with consideration of necessary chains of supply that must be upheld, and in a way that does not – as far as it is possible – prevent companies from receiving goods from foreign countries, or exporting goods to foreign countries,” says Svendsen.

“With the daily transportation of important goods, like medicine and food between Scandinavia and continental Europe, Scandlines is part of this crucial infrastructure.”

Scandlines is still operating according to the schedule on both routes. For more information, see the schedule on the company’s website schedule on the company’s website.