Much of the world’s passenger ferry services have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic but maintaining lifeline services are critical to carry medical supplies, food, other necessities and essential workers to critical jobs. Shipping companies are always required to assess all identified risks to the safety of ships and personnel and establish necessary safeguards and procedures in a documented Safety Management System (SMS). As part of the SMS, shipping companies should develop detailed plans and procedures for the different aspects and risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) on their ship operations.

As passenger ferry services are highly dependent on shore facilities, also those facilities – whether under the ferry operator’s control or not – need to be addressed in the safeguards.
Use and implementation of this guidance by operators, governments and relevant national authorities should be temporary and time limited to the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. Arrangements and requirements should default to normal as soon as national circumstances allow.
Building on measures identified and developed by Interferry members, this guidance is issued as a source of information and inspiration for ferry operators, terminals, authorities and any other entity relating to mitigation of health risks in relation to passenger ferry services.

The full guidance can be found here:- GUIDANCE ON REOPENING PASSENGER FERRY SERVICES