Dales Marine Services Ltd (Dales Marine), a leading ship repair and maintenance company based in Scotland, announces that it has recently secured ISO 14001 – Environmental Management and ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management certification.  

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, Dales Marine, a highly regarded company is renowned for its ship maintenance, dry dock and fabrication service it delivers from each of its five facilities in Scotland.   

With a commitment to quality Dales Marine has been recently awarded ISO14001 and ISO45001, and also renewed its ISO9001:2015 certification. Achievement of these certifications demonstrates the company’s commitment to occupational health & safety management, environmental management, customer satisfaction and on-going delivery of high-quality service to its customer base. 

In the current COVID-19 environment, Dales Marine worked in close partnership with NQA, their ISO auditors, to ensure that all interviews and audits were in strict adherence with government advice; this entailed using technology, including video conference calls for interviews with key personnel across their five sites.  NQA conducted 1 physical audit and will follow up with individual reviews at each of the five facilities; Aberdeen, Leith, Greenock, Troon and Grangemouth later this year.  

Dales Marine recognises the benefits of ISO 14001 to its customers and the business, acknowledging that it will help the business minimise its environmental impact, streamline how they handle, manage and dispose of waste, ensure that they are equipped to comply with the latest environmental legislation and help save money by driving down energy usage and reducing waste. 

ISO45001 is the world’s international standard for occupational health and safety, and helps Dales Marine to ensure that staff, contractors and visitors are protected from work-related accidents, diseases and mitigate factors that could potentially cause staff and businesses harm. 

Following the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, Michael Milne, Managing Director at Dales Marine said: “We are delighted to have received these globally recognised certifications, Dales Marine is committed to its programme of continuous improvement across the business. ISO 45001 will help us to increase health and safety awareness among our staff, and encourage everyone in the business to take an active role in H&S matters.” 

Michael continues: “Receiving the ISO 14000 and ISO 45001 are essential and beneficial to staff, visitors and the business and will help us in ensuring that we continue to improve our operations further.”