Technology group Wärtsilä invests in expanding its offering and global service workshop footprint in turbocharger services. Over 20 Wärtsilä service workshops globally are equipped with full capability to service turbochargers. With this investment, Wärtsilä is able to offer customers global turbocharger services coupled with engine knowhow in flexible cooperation with other Wärtsilä service centres. Customers can reduce their operational risk and save time by being able to overhaul the turbocharger at the same time as the engine.

Wärtsilä has to date made a significant investment in over 20 turbocharger service workshops globally with full capability to service turbochargers. The specialised workshops are equipped with modern tools and equipment for turbocharger maintenance and are capable of performing a wide range of turbocharger service work. Specialised and certified service engineers are trained for turbocharger overhauls both at workshops and on-site. Wärtsilä’s specialised turbocharger workshops operate in close co-operation with global service centres, providing assistance in troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades and replacements. For customers, this means increased flexibility, reduced operational risks and savings in time and costs, since they have the possibility to overhaul the turbocharger at the same time with the engine.

In March, Wärtsilä opened the most recent renewed service workshop in Schiedam, Netherlands. Other turbocharger workshops include for example Fort Lauderdale, USA; Quito, Ecuador; Gaziantep and Istanbul, Turkey; Dubai, UAE; Mumbai, India and Jakarta, Indonesia. These workshops operate flexibly with each other and other Wärtsilä service centres, allowing customers to have expert service at short notice. Similarly, turbocharger service workshops will be linked to other Wärtsilä service centres in other areas as well.

“With this investment, Wärtsilä strives to offer comprehensive services that enable the best performance of customers’ assets. By offering complete turbocharger services closely coupled with the engine maintenance expertise, we can apply a holistic approach that optimises maintenance operations across the equipment. We have received good initial feedback from our customers. Our customers value our flexible one-stop-shop service model, which allows them to gain significant cost savings,” says Tomas Hakala, Vice President, 4-Stroke Engine Services, Wärtsilä.

Keeping turbochargers in prime condition and up to date is essential for the overall performance of an engine. A well-maintained turbocharger ensures optimised fuel economy and extends the lifetime of the equipment. Regular maintenance prevents costly damage and downtime, increasing customers’ profitability. In addition to the locations listed above, Wärtsilä has turbocharger workshops also in Murmansk, Russia; Rubbestadneset, Norway; Gdansk, Poland; Genova, Italy; Bermeo, Spain; Maia, Portugal; New Orleans, USA; Houston, USA; Ciudad de Carmen, Mexico; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Baku, Azerbaijan and Perth, Australia.