VG-Shipping, the ship management arm of the Meriaura Group has announced their decision to Subsea Industries’ non-toxic Ecospeed hull coating for its second environmentally-safe cargo ship newbuild.

Both 4700dwt EcoCoasters have now been coated with the game-changing Ecospeed hard coating above and below the water line in VG Shipping’s red and blue livery.

Ismo Saaros, Director, Project Management, VG-Shipping, explained: “We didn’t want to use a traditional antifouling system because of the chemicals that they contain and found the Ecospeed solution was the most effective coating system for reducing drag. With a hard coating we are also permitted to clean the hull underwater in the ports where we operate without damaging its waters and sediments.”

Manuel Hof, Production Executive and NACE Coatings Inspector at Subsea Industries, said: “Mirva and Eeva will not have to be coated again during the vessels operational life time, saving the company thousands in paint costs and drydocking fees, whilst preventing damage to the marine environment through the emissions of toxic chemicals found in conventional soft coatings.”