Turbo Internacional is an independent multi-brand turbocharger service company solely dedicated to the maintenance, repair & sale of exhaust gas turbochargers.

We are able to service to the main turbocharger brands like ABB, MAN, PBS, Mitsubishi, KBB, MTU & Napier, both in our workshops & on site in power plants, offshore vessels & railways. From scheduled overhauls, retrofits, precise reconditioning to onsite emergency repairs, our highly skilled, resourceful & certified service engineer workforce is able to carry out the most complex or routine tasks, which is always a guarantee of success & peace of mind for our customers.

The spare parts we supply are best in class, proving to be a solid and smart alternative to the OEM, at a reasonable cost. We offer a 12 month warranty for all our spare parts.
“We are committed to give a high quality service whenever & wherever our customer requires it.”

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