TMC Compressors is investing in a major marine compressor stocking programme, offering free freight anywhere in the world to allow ship and rig operators to replace or upgrade on board service air supply as quickly as possible.

“Times are tough for many ship and rig owners operating in the offshore industries. We have asked ourselves what we, as a supplier, can do to better support our customers. Our response is to make a multi-million kroner capex investment upfront, which will be of help to any vessel operator that quickly needs to upgrade air supply or air quality on board,” says Per Kjellin, managing director of TMC Compressors (TMC).

In total, TMC will invest in an off-the-shelf stocking programme of more than 100 different marine compressors and air dryers, with effects ranging from 7 to 200 kW.

TMC’s Smart Air compressors, which reduces both operational expenses and harmful emissions to air due to 50 percent lower energy usage compared to conventional compressors, are also part of the stocking programme.

“Vessel owners often needs to retrofit compressors if they require higher dedicated service air pressure or better air quality on board. Other times they need to replace an older compressor with an energy-efficient rotary screw compressor. Having this equipment ready in stock will be of immense help to vessel operators,” adds Kjellin.

TMC’s retrofit stocking programme will have stock points in Oslo, Singapore, Dubai and Houston. The company offers free freight via sea and greatly reduced rates on airfreight to all major shipping hubs anywhere in the world. A free installation kit and 24/7 online support is also provided.

TMC’s compressors are designed so that the crew on board a vessel can install the compressors themselves. This significantly reduces the cost of retrofit operation, thereby making it much easier to make an investment to upgrade the vessel’s service air system.

“The industry needs to reduce the amount of unnecessary interfaces and costs. This is a contribution from us as a supplier. We hope it will be well received,” adds Per Kjellin.