The Clipper Stad Amsterdam has recently been refloated in Den Helder’s historic Willemsoord Harbour. On May 26th, the drydock doors were opened, allowing sea water in. It was the first time the vessel had water under her keel since her arrival in Den Helder in November last year. There, Damen Shipyards Den Helder is undertaking a mid-life maintenance project on the vessel.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam’s Evert van Dishoeck says, “The moment you see the ship floating again makes you feel very proud. It was ideal for us that we could go to Damen Shipyards in Den Helder in the Netherlands for this extensive refit. In recent months, the shipping company, the yard and crew have all worked intensively together to achieve a beautiful result, which we can be proud of.”

“The scope of work undertaken during this time has included replacement of Stad Amsterdam’s main engines and diesel generators with a peak shaving battery and a new shore power system as well as the sewage and chilled water system. In the engine room almost all the piping from the most systems has been renewed. The galley has been taken out and is partly replaced with several new pieces of equipment. The replacement equipment offers improved efficiency, which will add to the Clipper’s already impressive performance in sustainability,” explains Damen Shipyards Den Helder’s Lars Wudich.

Stad Amsterdam is a vessel renowned for her beauty. Delivered by Damen in 2000, she combines the best shipbuilding methods of the past with those of today, presenting a classic look and feel. 76 metres long, the vessel features 31 sails with a total area of 2,200m2. Stad Amsterdam sails under the Dutch flag and is available for business events, luxury cruises and adventurous sailing trips.

Damen continues to work on the vessel with sea trials scheduled to take place commencing week 26.