Shipowners save $8 billion and 41 million tonnes of CO2 with Intersleek 1100SR, AkzoNobel performance data reveals

Jan 31, 2024 | Featured Article, News

Real-world performance data compiled from ships applied with International® brand Intersleek 1100SR over the past 10 years shows the coating has slashed ship fuel bills by $8 billion and reduced 41 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. The world-leading biocide-free, foul release coating revolutionised the coatings industry when it was launched by AkzoNobel in 2013, and has been applied to more than 3,000 vessels since then.

Due to the high performance of the biocide free technology, demand has risen steeply in the past 18 months as ship owners work to cut CO2 emissions to  comply with new carbon regulations and look for proven solutions. Last year the International Marine Organization (IMO) announced new carbon targets for the fleet, which include a 20% reduction in emissions by 2030, a 70% reduction by 2040, compared to 2008 levels, and the ultimate goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Pioneering Intersleek 1100SR was the world’s first biocide-free fouling control coating featuring patented slime release technology that tackles micro-fouling on ships’ hulls. The technology maintains performance through the docking cycle without the use of biocides and delivers outstanding macro and micro fouling control with improved static resistance, even in warm waters. Slime that builds up during docking is released when the vessel travels through the water, therefore reducing drag, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. Intersleek was launched in 1996 as the first patented biocide-free coating for the shipping industry.

 Intersleek 425 evolved to 700 in 1999 to address the need for foul release in deep sea vessels. Eight years later the 900 version launched with original fluoropolymer technology to ensure the foul release was available for all vessels above 10 knots.

 In 2013, Intersleek 1100SR became the optimal slime release for all vessels, even in warm winters and slow steaming and has set the standard for foul release technology in the industry over the past decade. Chris Birkert, AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Segment Manager, said: “Our groundbreaking Intersleek range has set new standards for efficiency, performance and sustainability in the marine industry when it comes to biocide free performance.

 “Together with our customers, Intersleek has the largest foul release track record, gathered from 20 years of vessel performance data that proves our Intersleek coatings have helped save ship owners $19.6bn dollars in fuel costs and 103 million tonnes of CO2. to help them hit carbon targets. This incredible saving includes $8 billion in fuel bills and 41 million tonnes of CO2  from Intersleek 1100SR over the past 10 years.”

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