The biennial Posidonia 2018 Conference Programme is once again upon us with its
trademark thought provoking constellation of conferences, seminars, workshops
and heated panel discussions which are yet again set to shape the global shipping
agenda and define the future of an industry that sits at the core of world economic
The conferences, seminars and media roundtables planned during this year’s Posidonia
at the state-of-the-art facilities of the Athens Metropolitan Expo have a truly international
flavour as they are organised by companies and organisations from around the world; from
Brazil to France, Panama to Poland, from Mexico to Korea and Japan and from South Africa to
the United Kingdom.
The programme will tackle shipping issues spanning shipping policy, trade and finance,
energy, technology, port development, fuels and lubricants, water ballast treatment,
the tanker and dry bulk market, hull performance, scrubbers, the environment, human
performance and employment in shipping as well as claims and dispute resolution.
The icing on the cake, as it has become accustomed at Posidonia since 2012, is the
TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, a must-attend event, offering inspiring and
insightful debate. This year, the focus is on how advances in technology and
alternative business models are rewriting the rules over how ships are owned,
operated and traded. With more shipowners than ever before participating, the
programme consists of two panel-led sessions; dry bulk and tankers. The conference
will examine whether the fundamentals in the dry bulk sector are as secure as many
expected, and how owners are adapting their strategy. And as technology, regulations
and social demands are forcing changes in business practices, the forum will shed light
on how companies can best adapt to survive in tough markets.
A similar topic will be tackled during BIMCO’s “Power Panel” which will debate some
key developments impacting shipping business today with the focus being on challenges
and future prospects for the dry bulk and oil tanker shipping markets, including the 2020
global sulphur cap experiment. BIMCO’s event will be hosted by its Chief Shipping Analyst
Peter Sand and the BIMCO President Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, who will open the
The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the North American Marine Environment
Protection Association (NAMEPA) are organising, under the auspices of the Embassy of the
United States in Greece, once more the ‘Trading in US Waters: Priorities and Solutions’
Seminar. The event is designed to assist the local shipping community and maritime
stakeholders to acquire a fully integrated approach to U.S. requirements for vessels visiting
U.S. ports. Key issues will focus on specific topics like the Sulphur Requirements in
2020, the Digitalisation of Shipping, Cyber Security Realities and Risk Management.
Featuring industry leaders exchanging views on the future of shipping, the 6th Analyst
& Investor Day is taking place at the Divani Caravel Hotel, in the framework of the
Conference Programme of Posidonia 2018. The keynote speaker, IMO Secretary General,
Kitack Lim, will set the tone of the Capital Link Forum, which will discuss the current
status and future projections of the financial and capital markets in relation to the shipping
The forum will also address issues of critical importance to shipping, such as access to and
availability to capital, bank and alternative finance, as well as the impact of technology and
new regulations.
This year the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) is organizing its seminar
on “Energy and Shipping”. The particularly important role played by the Greek
merchant fleet in the transportation of global energy commodities has prompted
IENE to organise this pioneering event in collaboration with Posidonia and with the
active participation of a number of ship operators, energy traders and leading legal
firms. This year’s special theme will focus on the new bunkering fuel specifications, in
view of latest IMO agreed measures soon to be implemented. A number of prominent
speakers from the oil and gas sector, from the shipping sector and maritime law from
Greece and abroad have confirmed their participation in this unique gathering.
Other highlights include HELMEPA’s conference ‘2020 is closer than we
think: Scrubbers, Fuels and BWT’ as the deadline for compliance to the new
sulphur regulations is fast approaching. With the standards for such fuels still to
be formulated, and other serious concerns still remaining in regard to the availability
and safety of low sulphur bunkers and scrubbers, HELMEPA’s event is expected to
attract a full house of delegates. Featuring expert speakers from both the technical
and regulatory level, from Greece and abroad, HELMEPA’s Conference will seek to
provide answers to many of the challenges still lying ahead on these crucial issues.
The “Japan Seminar at Posidonia 2018” will focus on the role of innovation in
the maritime industry and its impact on environmental conservation and technology.
Speakers will also share insights on the current state of innovations in Japanese
Shipbuilding and Marine Machinery, as well as on market trends in the shipbuilding
market. This conference is known for providing a fresh approach on how to tackle
technological challenges and providing hands-on solutions to long standing problems
which affect all shipping companies.
Support the Local Maritime Industry Summit is the title of the summit
organised by Newsfront/ Naftiliaki. The aim of the event is to bring together
member companies of the Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters –
HEMEXPO, and the technical directors of Greek and international shipping companies
and engage them in an interactive dialogue which will benefit both Greek equipment
makers, their clients and shipping at large.
One more seminar which will draw in crowds and will highlight the long-standing
cooperation of the two nations in the maritime sector is the “Korean-Hellenic
Maritime Cooperation Forum”. This event will focus on Korean shipbuilding
industry and in cooperation with Greek shipping companies and will also provide
insight in Korean ship finance and Greek maritime policy. Furthermore, in the 2nd
part of the event, it will present new technologies in shipbuilding, and safety with
the focus being on the ECO ship, Cyber Security and Smart Ship Technology of Korea.
The list goes on and delegates will be spoilt for choice to select their preferred event,
according to their bespoke interest.
The Press Conference of the Greek Shipowners Association will be held on the last
day of Posidonia 2018, which is expected,