A programme of engine health checks on generators on an OSV operated by oil and gas subsea support services firm Marine Platforms, has been completed by diesel power specialist Royston.

Engineers from the company’s operation in Lagos undertook the work on the four Yanmar 8N280L-EV generator engines, which have each completed more than 24,000 running hours, onboard the 93m, 4,850-gross tonnage ‘African Vision’, as part of an assessment of critical power systems.

The move was necessary to extend the engines’ maintenance period by 12 months, enabling the vessel to complete essential offshore work in the Gulf of Guinea.

The work was completed by Royston in a three-day maintenance period, while the vessel was docked at Onne port in Nigeria.

Work saw cylinder head covers, camshaft covers, fuel injectors and pumps removed, and inspections carried out along with leakage testing of fuel parts and timing checks. Inspections of the pistons, liners, cylinder head faces, and valves were carried out using a borescope to assess levels of pitting and carbon build-up. Incremental load testing in line with the engine manufacturer’s specification was also completed.

Recommendations put forward by Royston following the engine health checks are expected to be followed through at the vessel’s next planned maintenance period in 2020.

Alex Reilly, Royston’s marine service manager, said: “The customer appreciated our fast turnaround on the job and expects to work with Royston again on the future engine work.

“This success shows our strong experience and capability in preventative maintenance and diagnostic work. Regardless of vessel location, it shows that we can deliver an effective, fast service together with the best possible advice.”

Marine Platforms is an offshore oil service company focused primarily on providing services to the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the wider African continent. The ‘African Vision’ is a Marin Teknik MT 6012 design with a 1,000 sq. m deck space, including mez deck. It is equipped with a 100-tonnes AHC crane, aux 22 tonnes crane and accommodation for 66 people.