After the announcement earlier this week that BWT systems manufacturer OceanSaver had filed for bankruptcy, IMS group has now signed a purchase agreement to acquire all intellectual property, certificates and assets.OceanSaver has been a well-recognized supplier of ballast water treatment systems for oceangoing

The statement from IMS says:

“OceanSaver has been a well-recognized supplier of ballast water treatment systems for oceangoing vessels in accordance with UN’s Ballast Water Treatment Convention. OceanSaver was among the first suppliers to be approved by IMO, to successfully complete the stringent test regime by the US Coast Guard and to obtain a USCG type approval in December 2016.

In July, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to postpone the implementation of the ballast water convention by two years, delaying it to 2019. The delay has had a major impact on the market for retrofitting ballast treatment systems. In addition, the ship newbuilding activity continues to be low, and the combination has led to significant downward pressure on prices and uptake of ballast water treatment systems.

OceanSaver has sold approximately 200 ballast water treatment systems. Some key features of OceanSaver systems are:
 USCG approved without operational limitations on December 23rd 2016, as the first
electro chlorination maker in the world.
 Identical system operation and performance in US – and outside US waters.
 No minimum ballast water holding time requirement.
 Gravity de-ballasting
 Patented C2E high efficiency disinfection dosage system.
 Patented electrodialysis process where hydrogen produced is prevented from entering
ship’s ballast system.

OceanSaver ballast water treatment systems will be a valuable extension to our product range
and fit right into our existing sales, service and manufacturing setup which is already geared
towards commercial vessels built at yards worldwide.

IMS group AS is a family owned Norwegian group of companies focusing on leading technological solutions for the offshore and marine market. IMS Group is headquartered in Risør in the south of Norway. IMS have six factories in Norway, and app. 280 employees.