AKASOL will be showcasing its modular designed lithium-ion battery system AKARack at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam, June 21-23.

The new pack is specifically developed for electric and hybrid power trains in ferry boats, tug boats, drill ships, offshore supply vessels, excursion boats and yachts.

The company says that demand for 19-inch lithium-ion battery systems with extended functionality like liquid or air cooling has increased exponentially. It therefore decided to develop a totally new system concept.

The AKARack comes with a storage capacity of 5,3 kWh at a variable voltage of either 48V (111Ah) or 144V (37Ah) and reaches performances between 10kW (air cooled) and up to 20kW (water cooled). Depending on system requirements, multiple AKARacks can be connected (serial or parallel) and can reach voltage levels of up to 1000V.

This enables AKASOL to provide AKARack battery systems with power in the megawatt range. The company says that during trial operation, the battery system showed convincing peak values for the specific charging and discharging power, as well as charging quicker than usual.