Metalock Brasil technicians were recently called to attend a vessel for repairs in the port of Itajaí, a Brazilian port complex, located in the State of Santa Catarina.

At the site, they verified the need to perform the substitution of the bearing, located between the numbers four and five cylinders of the main engine.

Before starting the service, the second engineer took deflection measurements on the crankshaft and clearances of the bushings. The Metalock Brasil technicians performed measurements of the bearing cover stud-bolts.

The work carried out involved hydraulic tools to remove the bearing cover nuts with a pressure of 2200 Bar; dis-assembly of lubricating oil lines; assembly of the hoists and arrangements for removing the bearing cover; installation of hydraulic jacks for lifting the crankshaft (0.2 mm) with a pressure of 550 Bar; removal of old bushings; cleaning with compressed air; lubrication of the seat and installation of new bushings. The reassembly of the bearing was made with a tensioning pressure, applied to the cover studs of 2200 Bar.

The service was attended by four technicians and was carried out in only twelve hours on board the ship.