Eco Marine Power (EMP) are exhibiting a range of products related to its marine solar power systems and the Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS) at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam. Exhibiting with EMP will be The Furukawa Battery Co Ltd, which will showcase its range of class-approved batteries that are ideally suited to renewable energy applications.

A marine solar power solution from EMP is an integrated class-accepted system that may include a marine computer, battery chargers, batteries, marine-grade solar panels plus interfaces to other equipment and sensors. Each solution can be designed and scaled to suit a wide variety of ships including passenger ferries, cruise ships, tankers, bulk ore carriers and offshore support vessels.

Aquarius Marine Solar Power is a standalone solar power system that is not integrated with other shipboard systems but provides a DC output that can be connected to a DC load or via an inverter to an AC load.

Aquarius MAS + Solar includes all the elements of the Aquarius Marine Solar Power solution plus additional hardware and interfaces to fuel flow meters, GPS and other equipment on a ship. This allows the system to record fuel consumption, calculate emissions and monitor main engine revolutions, generator output and a range of other equipment. It can also be expanded to include KEI 3240 datalogger functions.

An Aquarius Marine Solar Power or Aquarius MAS + Solar package is suitable for new-build projects and can also be retrofitted to existing vessels.