MacGregor has carried out optimised cargo system upgrades for two 14,000 TEU container vessels owned and operated by China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL).

The vessels have now re-entered service, with upgrades designed to increase their payload capacity. MacGregor and CSCL have signed a letter of intent for similar modifications for five more vessels.

The vessels were built by Samsung Heavy Industries in 2011. Their MacGregor Cargo Boost system upgrades include modifications to the lashing system along with lashing bridge enhancement and the provision of Lashmate software.

Planning for the upgrades was conducted in close cooperation between CSCL, China International Ship Management, CIC shipyard and MacGregor, whose involvement started at a very early stage in the project.

“We have been able to maximise the overall efficiency of the upgrades by carrying them out in combination with the ships’ regular five-year dockings,” says Captain Lu, General Manager at CSCL Stowage Planning Centre. “The Cargo Boost will enable an additional payload capacity of 300-high cube FEU (670 TEU) and will give the vessels more operational flexibility. This helps us to adapt to changing markets.”

Since re-entering service the vessels have been using MacGregor’s Productivity Care concept, which is designed to support CSCL in achieving the upgraded cargo systems’ full potential. Their smooth re-introduction to the service includes a training programme for crew and shore-based personnel, as well as cargo system performance analysis with related guidance.

“Taking full advantage of the latest route-specific rules and incorporating the lashing calculation software Lashmate in this upgrade means that CSCL is able to secure more payload capacity on these vessels,” says Atte Virta, Naval Architect at MacGregor.