Thordon Bearings’ revolutionary shaft seal SeaThigor took home the Marine Propulsion Innovation Award last night following the Riviera Maritime Media-organised awards and gala dinner, held this year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The annual technical awards recognise innovations across a range of marine engineering and technology sectors and are presented to those companies or individuals that have developed a novel product, system or process that demonstrates an “imaginative and effective solution to an engineering requirement”.

Commenting on the accolade, Jeffrey Butt, Thordon’s Business Development Manager – Marine, who collected the award, said: “For a maritime technology company, winning the Innovation category of the prestigious Marine Propulsion Awards is like winning Best Picture at the Oscars. We are absolutely delighted to win this award.”

Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, added: “The Marine Propulsion 2018 Award will be added to the Tanker Shipping & Trade award for our COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft concept, received in 2015.

“Both of these awards are indicative of the shipping industry’s increasing commitment to protecting our marine eco-systems from unnecessary oil pollution, while optimising the performance and functionality of shipboard systems and machinery. It is truly a sustainable solution for today’s cost conscious shipowner.”

SeaThigor won the award despite stiff competition from nominees that included EPS Techno’s GSIRE system and Parker Kittiwake’s Attenuated Total Reflection Analsyer.

A robust mechanical face seal, the Thordon SeaThigr is for water lubricated propeller shafts found in all types of merchant and naval ships. In the event of a face failure of the primary seal, it incorporates a secondary seal module to provide Safe Return To Port capability.

“This unique feature is unlike other maintenance seal, as the propeller shaft can be rotated at reduced speeds allowing the vessel to make it safely to a repair facility under its own power, without causing further damage.  No other shaft seal on the market offers this feature as a standard supply,” said Carter.