HullWiper Ltd is teaming up with KWINT Offshore Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd to bring green, safe and port-approved hull cleaning solutions to vessels calling at Walvis Bay. Namibia’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism has issued an Environmental Clearance Certificate to KWINT to operate the hull cleaning solution, making HullWiper’s eco-friendly Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) the only hull cleaning equipment approved to meet growing demand for sustainable shipping solutions that comply with local port regulations.

KWINT joins the growing network under HullWiper’s lease agreement launched in 2017. This initiative allows partners around the world to offer ship owners and operators an affordable, brush- and diver-free alternative to traditional methods, to protect both expensive anti-fouling coatings on vessel hulls and the delicate ocean ecosystem.

Namibia is the first country where hull cleans will be conducted using HullWiper’s recently introduced self-contained 40ft hull cleaning container. The customised container includes a fully functioning engine room, workshop and control area from where trained technicians work. The air-conditioned unit will be stored in a Walvis Bay jetty for quick and easy mobilisation and demobilisation for vessels calling at the port or outer port limits.

“KWINT’s addition to the HullWiper family continues our global expansion and increases availability of our environmentally friendly services to principals, both existing and new ones,” says Simon Doran, HullWiper Managing Director. “We share with KWINT a consistent approach to reducing the spread of invasive species with operations that significantly reduce the risk to life.”

HullWiper’s ROV is recognised as 100% environmentally friendly as all pollutants removed during a clean are collected by a unique onboard filter unit for safe disposal onshore. The system uses adjustable seawater jets as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, to minimise the risk of damage to coatings. Removing fouling from vessels’ hulls results in optimal performance, energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, and avoids the expense of recoating in case of damage.  No divers are used, so there is no risk to human life and cleaning can be conducted day or night, in most weather conditions, and whilst cargo operations are underway.

The hull cleaning operations in Namibia will be headed by Ciska Swart of Hull Cleaning Namibia, whose passion for environmental cleaning and care for our oceans for future generations helped bring this pioneering hull cleaning solution to West Namibia.

“HullWiper is the future for Namibia’s drive to bring eco-friendly solutions to our shores,” she says. “We are proud to be part of this green future and excited to bring environmentally-friendly hull cleaning solutions to Namibia.”

Jerry Bakx, KWINT General Manager adds, “Our partnership with HullWiper is in full support of Namibia’s 2030 vision to introduce innovative, eco-friendly solutions to various sectors that operate in the country. This collaboration is a move in the right direction to provide our clients with a cost-efficient solution to remove biofouling from their vessel hulls, whilst protecting our delicate marine eco-system.”

Since its launch in late 2013, HullWiper has expanded from its first base in Dubai to key locations across the Middle East, as well as ports in Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Gibraltar, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Panama and Mauritius. Plans are in the pipeline for new locations including Sri Lanka, Korea, South Africa, Chile and Bahamas. HullWiper is also available for lease where the company does not have its own base.

To date, HullWiper has performed hull cleans for more than 1,000 vessels worldwide.