Coatings manufacturer Hempel is launching two new premium antifouling coatings, Globic 9500M and Globic 9500S, which the company say offer a potential 2.5 per cent reduction in speed loss.

The coatings are designed for new builds and retrofit. Hempel say the Nano acrylate technology provides a fine polishing control mechanism to bring integral biocides to the surface at a stable rate, and are suitable for slow steaming.

Henrik Dyrholm, Global Product Manager, Hempel A/S says: “Globic 9500M (M for maintenance) is designed to protect against slime as well as soft and hard fouling in all conditions. Globic 9500S (S for static) is designed to protect against hard-fouling even during extended outfitting periods. Together these two coatings deliver unparalleled anti-fouling protection offering our customers improved operational efficiency, flexibility and a high return on investment.”

“Our Globic range has been very well received in the market and since its launch in 2005, over 25 million litres have been delivered worldwide with more than 5,000 vessel applications achieved. Our new coating series is the next step in high performance antifouling protection”.