As of 1 October, Martin Wiese is leading the protective and industrial business areas for worldwide coatings manufacturer Hempel. These two business segments deliver around half of Hempel’s total turnover and this senior appointment is key to Hempel’s continued drive to become a EUR 3 billion company.
Hempel’s protective and industrial business areas cover Wind Power, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Thermal Power areas. From 1 October, Martin Wiese has the overall responsibility for driving these businesses further on a global scale.
“It is a huge responsibility and I have every confidence in Martin’s skills and capabilities” says Michael Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer at Hempel. “We operate within an industry where our customers are continually growing bigger and becoming more global. It is vital we retain and strengthen our global presence ensuring we are able to operate and compete at the very highest level. I am confident that Martin will fit perfectly into his new role, and I am very pleased that he has accepted the challenge”.
It is not Martin Wiese’s first encounter with Hempel. He joined the R&D team in Denmark in 1996 and after various roles in Hempel he was promoted to Group Vice President for Re-search & Development in Hempel in 2005. Hempel has changed significantly since then but Martin Wiese retains his insight into the core of Hempel’s business.
“Martin’s solid background in the coatings industry and in Hempel’s business and products gives him an understanding of our coatings and services from the initial phase. He knows the protective coatings market and the innovative process that lies behind the development of new coating solutions. This is extremely valuable when meeting customers and developing our protective business to meet their needs,” says Michael Hansen.
Martin Wiese has 20 years of experience in the coatings industry. He has held commercial positions with a global perspective based out of Denmark, France, The Netherlands and the UAE. He has vast experience within management consultancy and holds an executive MBA from the Scandinavian International Management Institute and a Master of Science in Envi-ronmental Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen.
In his new position at Hempel, he will be based at the headquarters near Copenhagen, Den-mark. On taking the role he says: “I’m more than ready to join the team and take part in driv-ing forward Hempel’s protective and industrial businesses. Hempel’s focus on connecting with the customers is a core reason for me accepting the challenge. So, I look forward to working with colleagues in a global setup to create value for Hempel’s customers, both exist-ing and new, across the globe”.