The shipping industry is constantly evolving, making it an exciting and vital business to be part of. At the beginning of the 20th century, Chevron Marine Lubricants was supplying coal fuelled vessels, ‘guiding sailors to safety’ with Ursa® marine oil by Caltex. Not long after, the first on-board used oil test kits were delivered, to help engineers keep in-service engines running reliably. For the past sixty years, maritime trade has been dependent on heavy fuel oil, but this is set to change over the next decade as emissions legislation impacts engine development and bunkering options.

Today, Chevron Marine Lubricants supply fleets powered by a wide variety of fuels, from dual fuel engines running on liquid natural gas, methanol, low sulphur fuels and distillates. Developing products that are compatible with future fuels ensures that customers, and the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) we work with, can rely on us to keep their equipment in optimal condition. In 2019 we launched Taro® Ultra, a range of main engine lubricants suitable for almost every operating profile, designed to help customers prepare for International Marine Organization legislation limiting sulphur content in bunker fuel and emissions in 2020.

The marine environment is changing, and the demand for greater efficiency and cleaner operations will be met by technological innovation. Through digitization of our processes, integration of our FAST vessel maintenance service and a commitment to operating sustainably, Chevron Marine Lubricants will continue to help power the world forward.