Guadalquivir shipyards in Spain report two new repairs for February. The first reefer-type ship arrived, a refrigerator, to the dry dock of the Seville shipyard. The “Green Magic”, with Nassau flag and built in 1990, has 135.7 meters in length by 16.33 in beam. It has a gross tonnage of 5,103 tons and a 6 meter caliper. Repairs include replacement of the propeller in a three-day visit.

The second ship, the Vronskiy is a veteran ferry, built in 1978, sailing under the flag of Cyprus for the Spanish shipping line Trasmediterránea. It usually covers the route between the ports of Motril and Nador (Morocco), when not Almeria and Algeciras with some cities of the Maghreb. With 131.6 meters of length by 22 of beam, it is one of the largest ones that can access the dry dock. It has a gross tonnage of 13,505 tons and 5.1 meters. It is the third time the Vronskiy has visited the yard. and work includes blasting, fairing, painting and machine maintenance in an expected 2-waak stay.two weeks.