Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited, the largest and most respected shipyard in the Caribbean, performed work on 20 cruise vessels during 2016. Scope of works included significant propulsion and technical systems overhauls, hull treatment, accommodations and public spaces upgrades and the addition of onboard attraction facilities. The trend continues, GBSL is honored to report 23 confirmed cruise vessels in 2017 scheduled for refit, refurbishment or revitalization from their extensive customer base.

These commitments are a testament to the stellar performance of the shipyard. GBSL relishes these opportunities to service these many fine cruise vessels owned and/or operated by the major players in the industry and is proud to share the highlights of the 20 cruise vessels docked in 2016.

The first to enter dry-dock in 2016 was Holland America Line’s ‘Maasdam.’ She was followed by two (2) vessels from HAL fleet, ‘Veendam’ in March and ‘Prinsendam’ in May. Works on these vessels included scrubber and ADG installations, thruster overhauls, steel works and extensive hull treatment.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line dry-docked four (4) vessels in 2016 for significant overhauls and upgrades. The first of three to enter GBSL for major works was the ‘Liberty of the Seas’, that received modifications and additions in late January. Cabins were added to its deck 12 structure, as well as, the installation of a state of the art waterpark. On the technical side, azipods were overhauled, major tank conversions performed, general repairs undertaken and a scrubber system installed. This was followed by an April visit of ‘Jewel of the Seas’ and a Post Hurricane Matthew October dry docking for ‘Adventure of the Seas.’ All three vessels received the same scope of work.

‘Azamara Journey’, also operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, entered dry-dock mid-January for a 14-day repair period to include an extensive interior refit facilitated by GBSL.
Celebrity Cruise Lines’ ‘Celebrity Summit’ March visit to Dry Dock 3 included major hull and topside treatment as well as the complete fabrication and refit of crew cabins along with stabilizer overhaul.

Carnival Cruise Line dry-docked seven (7) vessels at GBSL in 2016. In February, the first to arrive was ‘Carnival Fantasy’ followed by ‘Carnival Magic’ in Dry Dock 2 for their respective programs. March welcomed ‘Carnival Splendor’ followed by ‘Carnival Triumph’ also to Dry Dock 2. In April ‘Carnival Valor’ was followed by a May dry docking of ‘Carnival Sunshine,’ then concluding the year with a December dry docking for ‘Carnival Liberty’. Significant works were planned and executed for each vessel, highlights including ADG installation on the ‘Magic’, ‘Splendor’, and ‘Valor’, plus various accommodations and public space upgrades performed on all vessels.

P&O’s ‘Adonia’ received a complete ship rebranding which required complete hull and topside UHP blasting, coating and then painting to convert to the new Fathom brand. This vessel was the first to visit Cuba in 2016.

Princess Cruise Line’s ‘Coral Princess’ received a new scrubber, steel work performed by the skilled GBSL team of multi-national, certified welders upgraded the hull to the new Panama Canal standards. Life boats received maintenance. Significant hull and topside treatment to include UHP blasting followed by coatings and paint were also completed.
Other notable cruise vessels from respected lines included:

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ ‘Norwegian Dawn’ visited Dock 2 for an extensive 27-day work period to include complete hull and topside treatment, stabilizers overhaul and Azipod repairs.

For the first time, GBSL welcomed in September a member of the esteemed Mediterranean Shipping Co. Cruise Fleet, the ‘MSC Divina’ that received general work.

GBSL is known for delivering both cruise and commercial vessels on time, and often ahead of schedule. “To meet the needs of our customers, we are dedicated to continual upgrades to our yard, and our services.” Says GBSL VP Sales and Marketing, Graham Couser. “In 2016 significant investments included facility upgrades and purchasing of new machinery and tooling adding to our workshops’ capabilities. We have further expanded our facility with capital improvements to the North Beach Wharf. Plans are afoot in 2017 for additional developments and expansions to our South Beach and East Beach areas.”