The newbuild m/s Eeva VG, the first of two highly energy efficient dry cargo carriers owned by the Meriaura Group, has received an Ecospeed hull coating prior to launch.

The sister ships ships are VG EcoCoasters and will operate in the Baltic region, and have been designed to cause considerably less environmental impact than conventional dry cargo vessels. The aim is to almost halve the fuel consumption compared to conventional dry cargo vessels of similar type and size,with a corresponding cut in emissions.

Ecospeed is environmentally safe with no biocidal content. Manufacturers Subsea Industries say the coating system ties in perfectly with the design of the VG EcoCoasters. Manual Hof of Subsea says: “One of the many unique factors of this underwater hull coating system is that with repeated underwater hull cleaning, the coating’s surface aspect does not degrade but gradually improves. This procedure is made easy by the coating’s technical properties. Cleaning can be carried out whenever needed, at any point in its lifespan, without causing damage.”

Both innovative vessels are expected to be ready for operation before the end of the year.