Shell Marine has been awarded China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company’s (COSCO SHIPPING) largest marine lubricants order in 2017. This order will include the full range of marine lubricants and technical services for seven out of COSCO SHIPPING’S 10 new generation Ultra Large Container Carriers (ULCCs) with capacities of approximately 20,000 TEUs each, ordered in 2015 and due to be in service from 2018-2019. Shell Marine has supplied marine lubricants and services to over 140 COSCO SHIPPING vessels since 2004.

Jan Toschka, Shell Marine Executive Director, said, “The quality of marine lubricants is critical for engine reliability; the application of the right technical services enable ship owners and operators to optimise their vessels’ total cost of ownership. In today’s highly competitive and challenging maritime sector, operational reliability and excellent account management have become table stakes and we in Shell Marine are stepping up to the plate. Securing this major contract for ships that play a leading role in delivering Chinese exports on the just-in-time basis required at this scale demonstrates owner preferences for proven lubricant performance, supported by a global logistics network and comprehensive technical services.”

Toschka says that the level of customer engagement behind the latest COSCO SHIPPING deal included its provision of onboard testing, assisting not only in COSCO SHIPPING’s blend-on-board program, its oil drain monitoring, but also providing customised analysis and comments in Chinese language as part of COSCO’s Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis report. Shell has also positioned one of its “Technical Maritime Hubs” in Shanghai with technical experts ready to provide services to COSCO SHIPPING.

COSCO SHIPPING is in the process of taking over Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), which today operates the largest container ships afloat. Earlier this year, OOCL appointed Shell Marine to provide integrated marine solutions to serve its marine lubricants and services for OOCL Hong Kong, the 21,413 TEU capacity vessel which, on delivery claimed the accolade of “world’s largest container ship”.

Shell Marine offers a complete portfolio of lubricating oils for marine engines burning gas, heavy fuel, gas oil or liquid biofuel. All its engine oils are designed to minimise deposit build-up and to help keep engines clean. Its Shell Alexia oils for two-stroke, slow speed engines meet a full range of vessel type and fuel grade needs offering owners peace of mind, whether slow steaming, operating in emissions control areas or undertaking fuel switching.