Shipyard ASTINAVE specified Roxtec cable transits instead of cable glands when modernizing the corvettes Manabí and Loja for the Ecuadorian Navy. The change to Roxtec cable transits solved three issues: Roxtec seals allow more cables in each opening than cable glands and provide a solution for managing all the cables. The seals also ensure a better barrier against water, fire, dust and noise between compartments.
“The Roxtec solution for sealing cables between compartments is very effective,” says Fabián Ayala Terán, engineer of ASTINAVE.

Improving protection and cable management
Roxtec multi-cable transits are used to ensure protection as well as to stow and align all the armored, shielded and concentric cables. The rubber material in the Roxtec sealing modules is resistant to multiple risk factors and the seals provide optional spare capacity for future upgrades.
“In order to keep the compartments watertight and free of dust, smoke, gas and noise, we applied different types of modules for one or more cables. The product offered by Roxtec is also very useful to keep all cables stowed and to separate electrical wiring which, due to its nature, cannot be mixed with the rest,” says Fabián Ayala Terán.

Saving a lot of time
Another benefit is the easy installation of the sealing system. Roxtec experts informed onsite and provided installation tools. The installers rapidly learned how to perform correct installations – and to finalize the work before schedule.
“The trainings issued by Roxtec’s personnel were very effective since they helped the project staff to function more quickly and efficiently,” says Fabián Ayala Terán.