The US office of Becker Marine Systems has announced a retrofit order of a set of Becker Flap Rudders, placed by the Canal Barge Company, Inc.

Canal Barge Company is a family-owned, independent marine transportation company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Chosen for retrofit is the 140-foot vessel Eugenie P. Jones, built in 1975 by the Dravo Corporation. She is a sister vessel of the Susan L. Stall that has been successfully running the Becker Flap Rudders since June of 2014. Canal Barge Company also has one more set of Becker Flap Rudders on order for a third sister boat. That vessel, the Merrick Jones will be outfitted with the same rudder system in the first quarter of 2019.

Becker Flap Rudders have been helping US towboat customers to improve fuel efficiency, maneuverability and saving them time on their long hauls since its introduction to the inland market in 2010. The increased maneuverability realized from the Becker Flap Rudders is particularly advantageous for these long-haul vessels traveling up and down the winding and narrow Mississippi River in the US Inland Waterway