BIO-UV Group, the manufacturer of the BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system, has acquired a 100% stake in Scotland-based Triogen Holdings and its subsidiary Suez Purification and Disinfection Systems from Suez Water Technologies & Solutions.

Triogen supplies water treatment solutions based on ozone, ultraviolet (UV) and advanced oxidation process (AOP) technologies for the leisure industry, aquarium and aquaculture industries.

BIO-UV Group, meanwhile, designs, manufactures and markets innovative ultraviolet-based water treatment solutions across several industrial sectors, including the ballast water treatment market.

Benoit Gillmann, BIO-UV Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted to announce this strategic acquisition, which marks a major step forward in our growth plan. The deal made with a global leader in water treatment also provides for a lasting strategic partnership with Suez WTS operational teams.”

The acquisition, completed on 18 September 2019, marks the beginning of a strategic partnership and sales agreement between BIO-UV Group and a company that forms part of the SUEZ WTS division. Alongside the acquisition, sales and licencing agreements were signed, under which the Suez WTS division will undertake to purchase products from BIO-UV Group, for an initial period of four years.

“Triogen’s activities are highly synergistic with BIO-UV Group’s business activities, including mutual sales growth and access to new geographical areas, particularly in Asia and Europe,” said Mr. Gillmann.

The addition of Triogen’s ozone and advanced oxidation technologies to the BIO-UV Group portfolio provides the France-headquartered company with a major competitive advantage.

“Our UV technologies will be complemented by Triogen’s product portfolio and certifications, which in turn, are expected to boost growth potential in our established markets and activities, while placing us in a stronger position to seize new opportunities,” said Mr. Gillmann.

“The acquisition will bolster BIO-UV Group’s portfolio with the addition of ozone solutions and advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology, in which Triogen has built an international reputation. At the same time, Triogen will benefit from BIO-UV’s leadership in UV technology to accelerate its growth in markets with strong demand.”

“We are convinced that the integration of Triogen will be a success and that we will develop considerable synergies with the support of Suez WTS.”

The acquisition strengthens BIO-UV Group’s confidence that it will achieve €40m in revenues by 2022.