Power and automation technology group ABB will supply the power system for a hybrid car ferry to serve a  passenger route in Norway.

The vessel will run as a hybrid but can be modified to run as a full electric ferry with shore charging system. The order is another success for ABB in northern Europe, where regulation is causing passenger ship operators to look at green solutions.

Sindre Sætre, ABB’s Director of Marine and Ports in Norway says: “This is another example of how ABB is at the forefront of energy storage solutions for the maritime industry. Ship and ferry owners across the Nordic region and Scandinavia realize ABB has flexible power systems for electric vessels.”

ABB say they also recently secured the order to supply the power system for the iconic Seasight battery sightseeing ferry, which will serve the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord.

The centrepiece of ABB’s scope of supply is the Onboard DC Grid system, the award winning power distribution system. It is a modular electrical system platform that makes use of direct current to connect energy sources with consumers and greatly simplifies the integration of energy storage. The batteries will be used for “peak shaving”, meaning the batteries will help meet the power demand, thus allowing the generators to work at a more optimal level. The owner Torghatten Trafikkselskap will have the option of adding another sixteen battery packs and a shore connection in order to operate the vessel fully electric.

“Energy storage has been one of the most important areas of focus for our research and development team,” said Juha Koskela, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports. “We recognize batteries have an important role to play on a range of vessels and is technology for the present as well as the future.”

ABB’s power system is part of the total electric system which is being supplied by Acel. The so-called MM63 ferry, designed by Multi Maritime will be built by Fiskarstrand Verft in western Norway. The ferry will have a capacity of 60 cars and 250 passengers.