Welding and cutting technologies maker ESAB is launching Coreweld 69 LT H4, a metal-cored welding wire for high-strength steels. Benefiting from very low diffusible hydrogen, this new wire achieves a yield strength of 690 MPa or greater and excellent sub-zero toughness down to -60°C.

Suitable for manual, mechanised or robotic welding, Coreweld 69 LT H4 performs extremely well when fabricating components for applications such as cranes and lifting equipment, mobile machinery, chassis and bodywork for commercial vehicles, load handling equipment, hoppers and containers.

A key advantage of Coreweld 69 LT H4 is its very low diffusible hydrogen, which is vital for avoiding hydrogen-induced cold cracking. Indeed, this new consumable meets the requirements of AWS H4 and EN ISO H5, even after exposure to high temperatures and humidity. The wire is also CE marked to indicate its compliance with EN ISO 18276-A: T 69 6 Mn2NiMo M M 2 H5.

In common with other ESAB metal-cored wires, Coreweld 69 LT H4 is characterised by smooth arc transfer, resulting in minimal spatter and silica on the weld surface, as well as a wide arc that reduces the risk of defects caused by a lack of fusion. Coreweld 69 LT H4 is suitable for spray arc transfer welding in downhand PA and PB positions using an argon/CO2 gas mixture with 5-15% CO2.

ESAB Coreweld 69 LT H4 is available from stock or to order in wire diameters of 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm; customers can order 16 kg wire baskets or Marathon Pac™ bulk packs.