Nor-Maali paints Tallink’s MyStar

Mar 30, 2023 | Featured Article, News

Rauma Marime Constructions delivered MyStar to its customer Tallink on December 7. The steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun.


MyStar is the largest car and passenger ferry built by Rauma Marine Constructions at the Rauma shipyard. The ship is 212m long and 30.6m wide. MyStar accommodates 2,800 passengers and 200 crew members and has a freight capacity of 3,190 lane metres.

MyStar is one of the most environmentally friendly ships in the Baltic Sea. The ship’s main engines use LNG as the primary fuel, with an option to use biogas as fuel in the future.

AS Tallink Grupp is an Estonian shipping company that operates passenger and freight transport in the northern Baltic Sea. The company operates on the Helsinki-Tallinn, Tallinn-Stockholm, Paldiski-Kapellskär and Riga-Stockholm shipping routes. The group’s subsidiaries, Finnish Tallink Silja Oy and Swedish Tallink Silja AB, operate the Helsinki-Stockholm and Turku-Stockholm routes under the Silja Line brand.


Coatings and technical support

Coatings for MyStar’s steel surfaces were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. The high-quality products and inspection services supplied by Nor-Maali ensure MyStar has a long-lasting paint surface.

MyStar’s steel frame consists of a total of 80 large blocks, most of which were manufactured in Rauma. Some were delivered to Rauma from Poland, where they were also painted.

The steel surfaces of other Tallink ships are also protected with Jotun coatings supplied by Nor-Maali. They include the Romantika (2002), Victoria I (2004), Galaxy (2006), Star (2007), Baltic Princess (2008) and Baltic Queen (2009), which were all built at Rauma and Helsinki shipyards and were painted with Jotun products. In addition, Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade were painted with Jotun products whilst undergoing maintenance in drydock.


Premium products used on MyStar steel surfaces

The main products on steel surfaces were Jotamastic 90, Hardtop XPF and Marathon IQ2. Jotamastic 90 was used in several areas of the ship together with Hardtop XPF. The underwater hull was coated with Marathon IQ2.

Jotamastic 90 was used on areas of the ship such as topside and superstructures, and Hardtop XPF was used as a topcoat on these areas.

Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels. It combines smoothness and toughness to provide the best hydrodynamic efficiency for icebreakers and ice-going vessels. Marathon IQ2 is an environmentally-friendly and user-safe product. It doesn´t contain phenol or solvents. Marathon IQ2 has improved application properties and is applicable by single-feed standard airless spray.

In addition to the products mentioned, Resist 86 was used on cargo areas, Barrier and Hardtop Flexi on external decks and Jota Armour on the helicopter deck.

Resist 86 is a moisture curing inorganic zinc ethyl silicate coating. It conforms to the compositional requirements of SSPC paint 20, level 1, ISO 12944-5 and AS/NZS 3750.15 1994. Resist 86 provides outstanding corrosion protection as a single coat or as part of a complete coating system. One of the most important features of the product is its mechanical strength, which makes Resist 86 an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications such as cargo areas.

Barrier is a two-component polyamide-cured zinc-rich epoxy coating. It is a very high zinc dust-containing product. It conforms to the compositional requirements of SSPC paint 20, level 2. It provides very good corrosion protection as part of a complete coating system and can be used as primer in atmospheric environments.

Hardtop Flexi is a high solids, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane paint. It has a glossy finish with very good gloss retention. The coating is very flexible, withstands impact and has very good adhesion properties. Hardtop Flexi can be used both as a topcoat and as a direct-to-metal coating. The product is compliant with USA FDA Title 21, Part 175.300: approved for use with food, dry solids, and has a grain statement.

Jota Armour is a tough, abrasion-resistant polyamine-cured epoxy coating, specially designed as an anti-skid coating for decks and walkways. Jota Armour combines a high solid, surface tolerant and abrasion-resistant epoxy coating with anti-skid aluminium oxide. The surface profile is rough and with a high coefficient of friction that provides exceptional non-slip properties for people and equipment. Jota Armour is pre-qualified in NORSOK coating systems (System no. 4).


Tank coatings

The products used in painting the tanks were Tankguard DW in potable water tanks, Jotacote Universal N10 in ballast water tanks and Marathon 2:1 in black and grey water tanks.

Tankguard DW is a solvent-free epoxy coating specially designed for drinking water tanks. It can be used as primer and finish coat in atmospheric and immersed environments. Tankguard DW has several approvals: It meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61-2014a Standard for Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, requirements of BS 6920-1:2000 for contact with potable water and requirements of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for use in contact with potable water. Tankguard DW is also in compliance with Federal Drug Authority, USA, FDA Title 21, Part 175.300, approved for exposure to dry foods and it meets the requirements of ANSI/AWWA standard C210-07: Suitable for water pipelines.

Jotacote Universal N10 is a quick-drying polyamine-cured epoxy coating. It is a high solids, high build, abrasion-resistant product. Jotacote Universal N10 also cures at low temperatures and it is designed to be used all year round in areas where fast dry-to-handle is required. Jotacote Universal N10 is PSPC approved for water ballast tanks and also meets the requirements of NORSOK-system 3 due to its PSPC approval.

The special properties of Marathon 2:1 are excellent adhesion to the substrate, corrosion resistance and heat resistance (continuous seawater immersion at 70 °C). Marathon 2:1 also provides excellent resistance against numerous chemicals, is easy to paint, and withstands even high film thicknesses without problems, which is important in confined spaces.