Gemak Shipyard is continuing to work without interruption, and there is currently no shut down. “We have special work permission and a curfew exception from the Turkish Local Administration, which is being temporarily applied at weekends,” explains Adem Önal, Corporate Communications Specialist at the Gemak Group.

The yard is currently working at approximately 75%. “This is because of the Covid-19 affect,” says Önal. “Some of the already agreed and potential contracts have been postponed or cancelled due to the epidemic.”

He told DryDock; “It has been on ongoing issue. We do not expect it to be much better in May, but we foresee a significant improvement starting in June and increasingly rapidly.”

They have not had to turn any ships away. “We have been having difficulty getting technicians in from abroad, but we are able to offer alternative solutions to our customers from local suppliers/representatives, even local freelance superintendents.”

When it comes to seeing owners looking to take advantage of any available slots due to cancellations, he says; “Some vessel charter contracts have also been interrupted during this period and some of those owners are trying to use this as an opportunity for docking and maintenance. However, the numbers are small.”

The yard has been able to maintain supplies during the pandemic. “Local suppliers have continued to work without interruption,” says Önal. “Some international suppliers have also given us support with commissioning works and local services, Alfa Laval, ABB, MAN and Erma First being among them.”

When asked whether the yard was offering any incentives to stimulate business, he said: “We are offering more competitive offers to customers in order to overcome this difficult period, in addition to improved cooperation.”