Detyens Shipyards have remained open and have been operating the entire time,” says Bradley J Kerr, Director of Sales & Marketing, Detyens Shipyards.

When it comes to maintaining worker/client safety, Kerr told DryDock; “We are following all Federal, State and Local guidelines, as well as enforcing all CDC procedures to promote health and safety of our work force and clients. We have implemented a strict entry policy that requires certification prior to entry into the shipyard.

The yard is currently working at 100% capacity says Kerr “as manpower, tech reps and spare parts allow. We are restricting our employees to only their work areas while on the vessels and workshops.”

He told DryDock; “We did have a one cancellation, just as the lock downs were taking place back in late March, and had a one vessel delay for three weeks. We were able to complete two emergency drydockings in April.”

However, as he says; “Every day brings a new challenge.”

When asked whether the yard was seeing any cancellations due to the virus, he stated: “I wouldn’t say cancellations as much as I would say class extensions, due to worldwide travel restrictions and spare parts delays.”

The yard has not had to turn away any jobs so far, and has seen a dredge company with damage to their scow seals take advantage of an available slot.

Detyens has been able to maintain supplies. “Every one of our suppliers, sub-contractors and customers has realised that we live in a different world today verses just two months ago.  As an essential industry, we have all pulled together for our common goal.  WE FIX ships and we are going to do it in a safe efficient manner while adhering to federal and state requirements.”