Container fitting modification first

Feb 28, 2022 | Featured Article, News

Container fitting modification first

P&O Maritime Logistics is primed to enter the container carrying market, helping to relieve stretched supply chains after recently completed the first-ever container fitting modification to the deck of a Multi-Carrying Vessel (MCV).

The containerised market entry marks a first for P&O Maritime Logistics and comes off the back of the maritime solutions provider working with customer Unifeeder on providing services on container routes with low number of containers but a need for a fast turnaround due to logistics limitations, low volume high frequency routes.

P&O Maritime Logistics’ MCV fleet is now more flexible as it will be able to carry 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot containers when container capacity is most in need in addition to the original design to transport general and oversized project cargo. By entering this new part of the maritime sector, P&O Maritime Logistics demonstrate the versatility of its MCV fleet.

The new model of container carrying MCVs provide a solution to the high demand of container carriers in Europe – alleviating pressure on supply chains being felt across the continent and worldwide. Container fitted MCVs are ideal for lower volume, high frequency shortsea routes as well as trade routes through rivers and to shallow water ports like the transit between Turkey and the Caspian via the Russian rivers, where multiple vessels are expected to be employed next year.


Assisting decongestion

As part of DP World, P&O Maritime Logistics is looking forward to adding value to the global portfolio of DP World ports assisting in decongestion, ability to serve minor adjacent terminals and therefore drive main line volumes to DP World facilities. The same model will also be applied to other global container terminals which are facing congestion in the current container market.

P&O Maritime Logistics has been continually broadening the horizon of its fleet, with an additional five vessels expected to undergo container fitting in the future.

“As global supply chains have been stretched in recent years, we are entering the container carrying market to help provide additional capacity in the lower-volume, higher-frequency routes,” explains Martin Helweg, CEO of P&O Maritime Logistics. “With five more vessels slated to enter the containerised market, we’ll soon be servicing niche trade lanes stretching from the Americas to Southeast Asia. We’ll be working closely with our parent company DP World in rolling out of containerised service, beginning with fellow DP World-owned company shortsea feeder service provider, Unifeeder.”

Currently, several MCVs are delivering wind turbine blades, large process modules, reactors, and pressure vessels on shortsea routes and in the open season of the Volga Don Canal, with further deliveries are expected in 2022.

P&O Maritime Logistics’ MCV fleet is one of the youngest and most environmentally friendly in the sector. Trading areas include the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and the Russian Inland Waterway System.