Metalock Brasil was called out, as a matter of urgency, to carry out repairs on a vessel berthed at Porto de Trombetas, Pará. Due to the urgency involved, the shipowner found it prudent to charter a flight to allow the Metalock Brasil technicians to arrive as soon as possible in order to solve the problem.

At the site, the technicians found that the water cooling jacket for the vessel’s main engine showed a vertical crack that ran the full extent of the equipment, causing number 1 cylinder to break and ovalise.

As the vessel did not have spare parts on board, in order to perform the repair in the shortest possible time, the Metalock Brasil technician fabricated a device to staple the crack and guarantee its original dimensions. For this, the Metalock® cold repair process was done using ¼” locking keys and Metalace® 5mm bolts, which allowed the crack to be fixed.

With the damage repaired and after the chief engineer carried out the necessary tests, the Port Captaincy released the vessel to continue on with its schedule.