Weld-free sealing solutions manufacturer Roxtec have announced that their seals have been chosen by the Poltramp Yard S.A. in Świnoujście, Poland for the BoDo Constructor – a newly built offshore cable laying barge-pontoon.

Poltramp Yard say they needed to seal the openings for a substantial amount of pipes onboard the large vessel, but in many places welding was not possible due to safety regulations. The yard decided to use the certified Roxtec SPM seal, which does not require any welding and offers fast and easy installation.

The Roxtec SPM seal can be used with any kind of metal pipe onboard marine or offshore structures to ensure protection against fire, gas and water. The solution makes it easy to ensure safety and operational reliability – without any downtime or cost associated with welding. The seal has a MED certification from DNV-GL and type approval certificates from ABS, RMRS and LR.

The 2,700 ton BoDo Constructor is 120 m long, 32 m wide and 6.5 m deep. It is equipped with a carrousel for cable storage and a cable laying system. It may also serve as a logistics base for offshore wind farm construction. Roxtec has through its Polish subsidiary supplied a large number of sealing solutions for the project.