Diesel power specialist Royston have announced the introduction of a comprehensive engine diagnostics, health check and consultancy service.

This follows significant investment in personnel recruitment and training, new technology and equipment, and an enhanced software capability for the in-depth analysis of engine and condition monitoring data.

As well as supporting on-board engine maintenance routines and class surveys, the extended Royston Health Check programme will also provide fully trained and experienced service engineers for emergency engineering responses, fault-finding and problem diagnoses.

Royston’s engineering teams will use bespoke test equipment, hand-held computers and proprietary software to carry out quick but thorough trouble-shooting analysis of medium and high speed engines on all types of vessels.

The Royston engine diagnostics test list includes a comprehensive function test of the engine including a borescope examination of the combustion chamber taking in liner bores, piston crowns, cylinder heads and valves.

Assessments are also made of peak pressures, exhaust gas emissions, fuel pump timing and laser alignment of the propeller shaft. Crankshaft deflection detection and thermographic surveys of electrical components and connections are also included.

Neil Graham, Royston Technical Director, explains: “Whether as a class requirement or as part of a planned maintenance schedule, regular specialist engine diagnostics can help to prevent costly breakdowns and significantly add to the useful performance life of a vessel.

“In particular, continued engine reliability, better fuel economy and lower vessel emissions all rely on regular maintenance checks. However, with vessels often typically carrying very few onboard engineers, there is limited time available for engine health checks to be carried out and this is where the experience of our specialist engineering teams can provide useful support for fleet owners and operators.”

Royston operates a specialist team of over 40 OEM trained marine engineers with extensive experience across multi disciplines and all engine types.