Intellian Technologies and Inmarsat have announced a partnership aimed at accelerating the transition process for customers seeking connectivity via Inmarsat’s recently launched Fleet Xpress service.

Combining high speed, global connectivity with the reliability of Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband network, Fleet Xpress is a fully managed, streamlined broadband satellite communications service that promises to be a winning solution for many of the higher volume segments of the maritime market, such as commercial shipping. The partnership between Intellian and Inmarsat will simplify the procurement and installation of shipboard equipment, enabling Inmarsat and its Value Added Resellers (VARs) to transition entire fleets of vessels in any global location as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“The market is ready for Fleet Xpress,” said Eric Sung, President and CEO of Intellian, “and Intellian is ready to enable rapid deployment. We’re very pleased to partner with Inmarsat on accelerating the rollout of the overall solution. Customers will appreciate how easy this makes it for them to move fleets onto the Fleet Xpress service wherever they are as quickly and seamlessly as possible.”

Dubbed the “Intellian Fleet Xpress Solution Global Delivery Program,” Inmarsat VARs can now source all Fleet Xpress related shipboard equipment, including the Intellian GX100 or GX60 above deck unit combined with Intellian’s FleetBroadband 500 system, and a fully pre-configured and pre-commissioned Fleet Xpress rack directly from Intellian. The Intellian Fleet Xpress Solution will arrive at the pier ready for immediate installation and can be configured to include any of the following:

Intellian GX100 (1m) or GX60 (60cm) Above Deck Unit
Intellian FB500 Above Deck Unit
Fully pre-configured and pre-commissioned server rack including:
Intellian’s All-in-One Below Deck Terminal (BDT), including integrated GX modem, 8 port Ethernet Switch, and built in AC power supply all in a single 1U 19” Rack Type module
Intellian’s newly released FB500R Rack Mountable BDT
Inmarsat’s Network Service Device (NSD), a required component for the Fleet Xpress service
External router
Managed Power Controller
Intellian global partners will have the option to adjust the final configuration to meet their exact needs. Intellian will work with partners to define requirements and deliver the solution of their choice.

The program brings the ability to deliver the solution at the same EXW price from any of its three global logistics centers, located in Korea, Rotterdam and Irvine, CA. “Only Intellian can deliver this turnkey solution from three continents, giving us the shortest lead times in the business,” said Eric Sung, President and CEO of Intellian. “This advantage makes Intellian the quickest and most cost effective choice for adopting the Fleet Xpress service.” Intellian’s average lead times on Fleet Xpress products are under one week.

The company will also leverage its three global logistics centers to provide easy access to regular Fleet Xpress training classes held throughout the year. With an emphasis on standardization, repeatability and building a common, detailed knowledge base of the entire Fleet Xpress solution, Intellian is keenly focused on enabling an outstanding customer experience for those who chose its brand.

“Since the beginning of our engagement with Intellian on development of the v100GX, they have continuously proven to be a valued partner, dedicated to solving problems with innovative solutions. This Global Delivery program is another outstanding example of how they understand our business objectives and collaborate to achieve mutual success,” said Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Maritime.

The “Intellian Fleet Xpress Global Fast Rollout Program” will commence September 21 of this year.