LISNAVE report that during the first half of 2016 they repaired 31 vessels from 20 Owners from 14 different countries, although the total number of ships was lower than in the same period of last year (53).

The countries with the largest number of vessels repaired at Mitrena shipyard in this first half were Greece with 8 vessels from 4 different Owners, Singapore with 5 vessels from 2 Owners, Germany with 4 vessels from 2 Owners and Brazil, Italy and Venezuela, each with 2 vessels.

The yard report continues development of repeated business, such as repairs for TEEKAY SHIPPING (Singapore and Brazil), TSAKOS COLUMBIA SHIPMANAGEMENT (Greece), AET SHIPMANAGEMENT (Singapore), E.R. Schiffarht (Germany), PDV MARINA S.A. (Venezuela) and AUGUSTEA DUE (Italy).

25 tankers continued to make up the largest type of vessel being repaired during this period, with an additional 4 container vessels, 1 general cargo vessel and 1 cruise vessel.

From the several repairs carried out during the first half of 2016, major repairs and maintenance works were carried out on 3 shuttle tankers with dynamic positioning class DP2, on an MCV (tanker converted in to a “Modular Capture Vessel” to operate in the Gulf of Mexico to prevent major oil spills overseas) and two Venezuelan tankers.