A new approach to extending the life cycle of engines has been developed by CMR Group, automation and control system specialists for marine and energy applications.

E-Pulse is a new control system that can be installed on medium and high-speed engines operating in harsh marine and land-based applications and installations. Because there is no requirement for maintenance of the system post installation, operational cost savings of up to 100 % can be achieved.

Built around an integrated touch screen-operated local operating panel, main control cabinet and junction box microprocessor package, E-Pulse provides comprehensive engine alarm and monitoring, safety, control operational capabilities for 20 years.

E-Pulse reduces the requirement for future control system refit, providing advanced operational functionality.

While reproducing existing engine functions, the technology can be fully customised and configured to implement additional monitoring functions to improve and simplify the operation with a minimum investment cost.

In addition, E-Pulse has been designed to be easily retro-fitted to existing installation, minimising downtime, or fitted as part of a new vessel or power plant installation.

Utilising the latest technology and open-source software (OSS), the interface to external propulsion systems, auxiliaries and vessel management technologies are hardwired I/O, Modbus RTU and ethernet TCP/IP compatible, providing the user with an easy-to-use, reliable and fully independent engine control solution.

Gerard Baldellou, marine division manager at CMR Group, said: “CMR will offer a turnkey sensor, cabling and control system package for retrofit E-Pulse installations, while flexible and versatile system architecture ensures E-Pulse can be fitted quickly and easily for new engine installations.”

A complete support package for ISO 9001 certified E-Pulse. Post manufacture, all equipment will be subject to rigorous inspection, including high-voltage flash testing, to ensure compliance with customer requirements and Class type approved componentry.

E-Pulse comes as a report* on the international shipping industry shows that vessel operating costs are predicted to rise by more than 3% in 2019, so cost effective automation and control solutions are becoming operational factors in the marine sector.