ClassNK Consulting Service have installed software management systems on two ships managed by Manila-based Rosy Star Ocean Vessels Management Co., Inc., marking the first adoption by clients outside of Japan.

ClassNK CMAXS PMS is a complete and simple solution for managing machinery maintenance on board ships, whilst ClassNK CMAXS SPICS offers supports for spare parts inventory management and purchase order creation. Both feature user-friendly interfaces and are easy to install and operate.

ClassNK CMAXS PMS and ClassNK CMAXS SPICS not only manage the spare parts inventory and enable users to view the daily maintenance work reports and records, they also facilitate better fleet management and information sharing between ship and shore by collecting the data from each vessel and sending it to the cloud database. They were developed in collaboration with IMC Co., Ltd and with support from the ClassNK Joint R&D for Industry Program.

Through the provision of ClassNK CMAXS PMS and ClassNK CMAXS SPICS, ClassNK Consulting Service aims to simplify and reduce the workload of ship management.