International antifouling conference

Aug 10, 2022 | Featured Article, News

The developers of the antifouling biotechnology Selektope, I-Tech AB and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, will host key discussions between marine industry end users, paint companies and academia around antifouling coating technology as the first line of defence against the intensifying issue of marine biofouling.  

The International Antifouling Conference 2022 will be held on September 13-14 in the iconic Eriksberg shipyard area in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference is backed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and funding from the Västra Götalandregionen (Sweden). The principal corporate sponsor for the conference is the specialty chemicals company Lanxess.

“The idea for this initiative was sparked when one of the principal forums at which the R&D community from the marine coatings sector usually gathers was once again postponed due to the global health crisis,” says Dr Markus Hoffman, Technical Director at I-Tech. “With the risk profile of biofouling increasing, having an open platform to discuss the pros and cons of current technology and explore novel research and potential new solutions is vital at this moment in time.”

“We have already attracted a very high-level speaker programme to the conference, which confirms the need for this platform,” explains Dr Mattias Berglin, Senior Research Scientist at RISE. “Having academia, industry, and end users in one room discussing challenges and solutions will bring unique perspectives and insights for all involved.”

Over 30 expert speakers from companies including AkzoNobel, American Chemet, Chalmers University of Technology, SSPA, CorPower Ocean, Keel Crab, Annex3, Marine Benchmark, Svenska Aerogel, Tecnalia and Boero have been confirmed. Keynote addresses will be delivered by representatives from Hempel, Safinah Group, Steen-Hansen, Université de Toulon, and Stena Teknik.